Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's been a busy time

The weather has gotten a lot warmer here and most days the temp is over 90 degrees. The weather had kept us girls in the house quite a bit this week, as has Punkin's cold, but I hope to venture out and go "smimmin" soon.

The agapanthus are blooming in the front yard, standing tall and proud in front of the house and our grapes on the side yard are growing like crazy and even have some fruit on them. The tomatoes are almost ready to eat and I harvested our first zuchini this morning - its huge! 

The picture doesn't do it justice

We took the girls to the doctor yesterday. Punkin' Pie weighs 23lbs. 5oz. and Bunny-boo is a whopping 13lbs. 15oz. (she has almost doubled her birth weight)! Neither Papa nor I can remember their lengths, but they were both in the 60th percentile for length, 40th for weight and 10th for head circumference.

We have lots of pictures and some video to post so I'll try to keep them coming! Enjoy!

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