mindful mondays

What is Mindful Mondays?

Mindful Mondays is a place for reflection; a place for, well, mindfulness.  Each week I will write a post reflecting on life, famous quotes, a situation or a thought I've had.

Who's invited?
Everyone!  Anyone is welcome to follow along, there are just a few guidelines.

How do I participate?
You can follow along by adding a comment (I always love to hear from readers!), writing a thoughtful response to the prompt or question in my post on your own blog, or writing your own mindful post and then linking up here.

Step  1
Link up by clicking "click here to enter" after "You're next..." at the bottom of each post.

Step 2
Follow the link and then enter your title.  For example:  I would choose to type in either the name of the blog "Small Things" or the title of a post "Balancing Act."

Step 3
Then go to the next box and enter the permalink to your post (you may also use the link to all posts tagged mindful mondays).  This is most easily done by opening the post in another window and then copying (ctrl+c) and pasting (ctrl+v)the url.

For example:
On Monday November 22, 2010, the Mindful Mondays post is entitled "MM: The Daily Grind."  To get my permalink, I open the blog in a new tab, click on the title of that post and get a url that looks like this: http://all-small-things.blogspot.com/2010/11/mm-daily-grind.html.  To get my link for the list of posts tagged "Mindful Mondays," I can click mindful mondays in the tag cloud on the right side of my main page and get a link that looks like this: http://all-small-things.blogspot.com/search/label/mindful%20mondays.  Either one of those links would be fine to use.

Step 4
Then click "enter your link."  That's it!  You've done it!  Now come on back and check out the other fabulous links!

When do I link up?
Links will be open from midnight on Mondays (Eastern time), until 11:59 pm on Thursdays.  You can link up at any time between!  Stay tuned for a Mindful Mondays button!

Welcome to Mindful Mondays!

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