Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok, yes, I know its been nearly a month since I posted anything. I have some great pictures, but I can't get them out to you all 'cause my computer has decided it doesn't want to recognize the USB drive. So, I guess I'll just put it all out there the old fashioned way. We've been busy around here: the girls mostly busy making the house look like a tornado has run through it, while I've been sewing. I managed to start and finish baby P's quilt (M's little one due next month). I also got two other's in to be top-stiched, and put together about 30 burp cloths to sell in the Moonfaeries store's WAHMs section; I really hope they sell!

Things I've said this week that I NEVER thought I would say:
"Clowns are not for throwing"
"Get off of your sister! Baby's are not for sitting on!"
"We don't poke's not nice" (really that seemed obvious to me, but I guess not)
"No, you may not lay in the bookshelf"
"That medicine is for NOT put anymore on her face" (I walked in to Punkin'             smearing A&D all over her sister's face and head)

and finally...
"Poop is not for playing with...that is gross!" (in response to the poo-tastrophe during "nap" time)

Bunny-boo has been very busy since my last post. She has started crawling properly; instead of doing a push-up and launching herself forward. She sat up on her own for my parents the first time last Thursday. We both, she and I, are very glad! I, because she can now occupy herself for longer than 10 minutes and she, maybe for the same reason. In addition, on Monday this week she pulled herself up to standing by using her sister's carseat which was sitting on the livingroom floor.

Punkin' has taken to whining everything over and over and over again and is currently driving me nuts! Her vocabulary is growing exponentially every day and she has started boycotting naps. Even though I insist that she stay in her bed for at least an hour every day she manages to find new and creative ways of keeping herself awake including yesterday's aforementioned poo-tastrophe. She has also started doing this cute thing when we are driving somewhere...telling which way to go or trying to correct me when she thinks I've gotten it wrong. "No, that way Mama!" And, I'm not sure where she got this one, but she came home from Kampa's house (where she goes to see Kamma) calling me "Amie" and I finally understand why Grandpa made such a fuss when I, as a kid, called him "Grandpa Glenn."

I'm hoping my computer will comply soon and I'll be able to get some of the pictures up here for your viewing pleasure....until then, warm fuzzies!

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Kamma said...

She was giving directions to Kampa on the way home Saturday too. It might be interesting to follow them...


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