Monday, December 15, 2008

Moonfaeries and my little business are in jeopardy!

This year Congress passed the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) which will require all children's products to undergo third-party safety testing before they are able to be sold to consumers. While I am all for safer toys and other items for our children, the CPSIA does not have any allowances for homemade or hand-made items. ALL individual children's products will have to be tested!

Not the facility, not the items used to make the finished product, but each individual finished product. That means, for the pack of three burp cloths that I sell at Moonfaeries for a whopping $7, I would have to pay for three safety-tests. This will effectively put an end to hand-made and homemade items. No more Etsy, A Toy Garden, Nova Naturals, etc. Those wonderful wooden cars and other toys that provide our children with hours of natural, chemical-free enjoyment will be no more!

Please check out this article for more complete information and the follow-up for links and newer information. You can also click on the "save handmade" button in the sidebar of this blog.

This law will go into effect in just two months! When next you all get a moment, please take some time to check out those articles and write an email to your congressman!

You can also sign a petition by joining the facebook group "help save handmade toys from the CPSIA" and check out the Endangered Whimsy blog for pictures of the types of items that will no longer be available (think Etsy and those cute little online stores).

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