Thursday, January 15, 2009

We had a very merry Christmas!

Not much new this year when it came to Christmas.  We spent Christmas Eve with my Mom's side of the family.  There was a change of  venue to the retirement home where my Grandparents are, and I'm sure it was a nice change of pace for K and S to take a less active role this year.  

It was great to see everyone, the pot luck Christmas was both a stroke of genius and a wonderful feast; the matriarchs of my family are truly amazing women.  Thank you Mom and Aunt K for organizing and executing a wonderful gathering.  

We got some wonderful gifts, especially the girls, and my grandparents' (as usual) were FAR too generous. :)  But it is both needed and greatly appreciated.  It was great to see everyone; I love this time of year because there are so many family gatherings and I am one of the lucky few who has a wonderful family whom I love very much.  

A few years back we started having Christmas dinner at our house, and since this is the third year I think its safe to say it is now tradition.  My parent's, Mimi, Grandma and Grandpa, and Auntie Cole all joined us here for a wonderful feast prepared by Papa.  We decided on italian this year, so he made an eggplant torta and bruscholli (I probably didn't spell it right, but I did spell in phonetically.  Google has failed me for the first time ever.), and I made bread.  It was a great feast and I'm looking forward to next year. Maybe we'll do Indian food - I love me some butter chicken!

Punkin' really got in to opening gifts this year and has been wanting to open presents daily since.  She has almost been able to between the two Christmases, her birthday, the party, and most recently Bunny's birthday.  

Bunny is still a little young to really get into it, but she LOVES having people around to cater to her and has turned into a bit of a monster since things have died down around here.   She's a cute monster, though and its nice to be wanted.  All-in-all, the holiday / birthday season has been grand.  I'm looking forward to future years, when my learning curve is not quite so steep.  Thanks to all my family and friends for hanging in there with me.  We love you!  

Punkin' and Mimi having fun with the play silks aka: "colors"

Punkin's gigantic dolly.  A Raggedy Anne to dance with.  
(This little exchange between Mimi and Bunny was interspersed with MANY tears from Punkin.)

Random Christmas Eve shot
(Apparently opening presents is very serious business)

Bunny's first present


This kid thrives on chaos!
PS: I am eternally grateful to Papa for being the family picture-taker.  If it were up to me, our girls' childhoods would be nearly undocumented.  I am always so involved in what's going on that by the time I realize I haven't taken any pictures I'm at home and in bed.  I love you babe!


Nicole Redman said...

Don't take pictures of me in profile. It's depressing. Pass it on.

Nicole Redman said...

Don't take pictures of me in profile. It's depressing. Pass it on.


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