Saturday, April 18, 2009

And now back to our regularly scheduled programing!

***Update:  Alternately titled "The Beginning of My Hiatus"

Whew! I'm finally caught up! Ok, I'll just take one moment to pat myself on the back before I continue...
Friday (yes folks, that's yesterday we're talking about now) the girls and I went to MSN and met Vita, Mia, her Grandma and cousin S there for Music and Movement. I wasn't particularly looking forward to it as L is usually there on Fridays and her "set" is a bit too...crunchy. Even for my tastes.
I was really good this time, and started getting ready to go before 9 am! We were packed and loaded and in the car and driving by 10:15; and I was feeling really proud of myself. When from the back seat this horrific scream was emitted by my eldest.
"My pants are too wet! My pants are too wet! Mommy, Mommy! I need to change my pants!"
Now, nevermind that I had asked her at least a dozen times before we left if she need to go, and reminded her that there is no potty in the car... she had peed. So, I turned the car around and headed home. After a change and some "Pull-ups," we headed back out, and arrived a mere 15 minutes late.
I was even more disappointed about being tardy when I saw Joey was there, and not L! Made my whole day! He's fun and upbeat and really seems to enjoy coming in and playing with the kids. The girls, of course, love him. We had a blast!
Joey, serenading the little masses

S and her new love - the ball.

Bunny talking to "Auntie Vita"

Auntie Vita!

"Dance, dance dance"

Mia, dancin' her little heart out

"shhh...the babies are sleeping"

The post-music stamping ceremony

After music, we headed home. Bunny had a nap, Punkin' had a rest and I sat and blogged. Bunny slept until nearly 4pm and then we got up, packed and headed to El Portal Park for some more fun with Rob-Rob, 'Vita and Baby Mia. The girls slid, played in the sand, swung and climbed for a couple hours and then we headed out. I know this park is quite a drive for me, but its my new favorite...its in the shade, there's a gate around the play area and there's just enough equipment to keep them occupied without being overwhelming. In short, perfect. So, I anticipate many a summer's day spent in that park.

Slide hair

"Look! I climbed the ladder!"

Just chillin' on the steps


Walking to the sand pit

Shoveling sand

Mia and Rob Rob, playing in the sand

Bunny playing in the sand

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