Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter morning we woke up, talked to the girls a bit about the Easter Bunny, and then opened baskets. The Bunny was very generous this year (even though he thought he was only getting them a few things). Their baskets had fairy wings and skirts, Koosh-type balls, purses, cute little flip-flops with sparkles and polka dots, books, stickers, head-bands, eggs that "hatch" when placed in water for a few days; Punkin' got a big bubble wand and even two pieces of candy! They loved it!

After naps, we headed over to Kamma and Kampa's house for an early dinner. After ham, asparagus, rolls and such were consumed, my Mom wanted to try and get some Easter pics of the kids, so we took them outside. This would have been a lovely background, but neither one would hold still and, as you can see, I never did get a good picture of the girls on Easter.

We finished the evening by having homemade cheesecake and cookies with coffee, then we gathered up our 20 lbs of candy, and headed home! It was great to see family, as usual, and I keep telling myself I'm going to visit before the next holiday; perhaps this time I actually will. ;)

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