Friday, December 3, 2010

down to the wire

Hey fabulous readers! There is just one more week left in the semester... then a week of finals. The end of the semester is always super crazy, but this semester is particularly challenging!

I'm doing well in my classes (in case you were wondering) and have a decent shot at another straight-A semester! So, I'll be taking a break from Small Things to keep up with my papers, exams, speeches and presentations.

I will miss you... I'd rather be spending time with you here (promise).

Stay tuned, though, because I will be back when the break begins! Check back on Monday December 20th for a new Mindful Monday! Hope to see you all here, and looking forward to your fabulous posts!



Jeanie said...

Blogging takes a lot of time and when you do it well then don't worry, we will sit by and wait for the message that says you have returned.
Good job with the grades and congrats on continuing your knowledge in a way that society acknowledges. (how cute, two words almost the same)

Amie said...

Thank you Jeanie! I look forward to returning to you all! :)


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