Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well, Hello There

Good Morning!

Ok, its morning here at least.  And the sun is shining for the first time in days.  Its a beautiful morning!  And, no, I haven't forgotten about you.

I walked away last month expecting to take a few days off; needing a few days off.  Then days turned in to weeks and weeks became a month, and here we are.  It was nice to have a break from Small Things.  I needed some time to gather myself and figure some things out.  And during that time I discovered some things that I didn't really expect to discover.

1) I realized that I had started blogging for the wrong reasons.  I started this as a way to share my experiences along this journey through life and Motherhood with family and friends.  And, somewhere along the way, I shifted my focus.  I started writing things not to share, not from my heart, but as a way to get more people here.  I'm not going to lie... it'd be absolutely wonderful to do something I love (like blog) AND bring a bit of (much needed) extra income in to the house.  But that shouldn't be the focus here, so, from now on, I promise to keep it real (as they say).

2) Along those same lines, I realized that Mindful Mondays hasn't become what I hoped it would - A place where I get to reflect and have a chance to hear (ok, read) other people's thoughts and reflections as well.  Turns out, it was just a designated time for me to ramble on about my own thoughts.  The thing is, though, I'm one of those people who is painfully aware (at times) of her own thoughts already.  So... without further ado, I have decided to kill Mindful Mondays as a "thing" and just continue rambling on as usual on whichever day it strikes my fancy!

3) By nature, I am not a horribly consistent person.  I don't do laundry every, say, Thursday.  Or clean the bathrooms Saturday morning.  So, it wasn't realistic of me to expect me to blog certain days or times. So, here's the deal... I'll post what I want, when I want, and if you don't like that then, just go ahead and click on that X.  And I hope you find what you're looking for out there on the interwebs (I mean that with love, and write it with a smile on my face).

4) I think about you guys all. the. time.  Seriously.  Its bordering on obsessive.  I write at least half a dozen posts to you all every day.  In my head.  But, my time is outrageously full right now.  So, sadly, those posts go unwritten. 

For those of you who are still here, HEY!  I'd love to sit here and say there will be some dramatic and wonderful changes here at Small Things.  But the truth is, even though I love you, I'm probably going to be a little neglectful over the next 13 weeks.  I hope to see you soon!  :)

~  Mama


Ashley said...

So, here's the deal... I'll post what I want, when I want, and if you don't like that then, just go ahead and click on that X.

That's about my philosophy, lol. Though I sometimes hit the "Post" button thinking, "This is amazing -- it's deep and full of self-revelation and people are going to love it!" and then gotta come down from that high of self-love. :D

Amie said...

Well, just because the masses don't see it, doesn't mean its not all deep and wonderful! ;) You just keep those posts coming, and I'll keep reading them. Deal?

Ashley said...

Oh, I've got enough ego for whole throngs of readers, lol. I'm gonna choose to remain confident in my brilliance... at least until this coffee wears off. Then I'm going to remain confident in my ability to nap during Blue's Clues. :D

This deal sounds pretty fabulous to me; I'm excited to see the blog waking up! ^^


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