Friday, August 19, 2011

Well, Hello There

A very wonderful and smart woman, whom I love and admire very much, told me that I need to post. I said I was feeling sheepish about posting after so long; that its like when you don't call your friend for long time... after awhile you get anxious about calling (even though you want to and know you should) because you'll have to explain how super-lame you are and then apologize profusely for being such a lame-o.  She said to just get on here and pick up where we left off as if I'd just posted yesterday.  So... here I am!

Wasn't that a lovely post yesterday?  Ok, I'm not good at playing pretend.  I know this, and now so do you.  I'm pretty sure that Punkin believes this to be my biggest flaw. But I'll fake it for you cause I love you, and I miss you, and gosh-darnit I'm awesome like that!

This summer has just flown by!  The girls and I have spent our days in the garden tending to the vegetables or hunting for bugs.

Punkin had her first swim lessons while Bunny and I lounged by the pool or, more accurately, had splashing contests and spun around like crazy people on inner-tubes.

I'm sure she did *some* lounging... I mean, it probably took a few seconds to take this picture

Punkin's first swim lesson! 

We've taken trips to the park, and walked (but more often driven) to visit Cherry Mash and the Boynado and splash around in their pool with them let the kids splash around while the Mama's drink cocktails and take turns bitching about all things Mothering.

We've been on adventures to Fairytale Town, ArtBeast, and Funderland.  We've had icecream for dinner (where Punkin lectured me on the importance of eating healthy foods before eating "fun foods."),  lunch (no such lecture was required this time because we ate sandwiches first), and snack (because its summer, duh).

Kyla takes a trip down The Old Woman's Shoe (slide) at Fairytale Town

Bunny driving the Pumpkin Carriage 

We've visited with family...

Bunny goofing around with Aunt Dix

The girls all giddy from a weekend visit from Auntie Amber & Uncle Brian

...and had friends over for a tea-party.


We've stayed home, too.

Where I've parked the girls in front the the TV for appalling stretches of time so that I could work on the master-bed/bath-remodel-that-is-taking-far-too-long-and-occasionally-makes-me-want-to-burn-down-the-house-to-start-fresh, and so that I could sew-things-that-will-likely-stay-in-the-sewing-closet-unfinished-forever.  But we still managed to have a little fun.

PB&Js at the campsite (aka: the dining room)

All things told, its been an awesome summer... the last two months have flown by and I'm starting to feel the onset of the End of Summer Blues.  Thankfully, I have you all to get me through it.

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