Friday, September 12, 2008

Upcoming update

I am currently enjoying our new computer!  Yes, we bought an iMac (thanks G & G).  While, its fast and fun and has no bugs, I am still figuring out how to use it!

We spent a week in Lake Tahoe with Kamma Dee and Aunt Dix.  We discovered that its a lot of work to travel with small children but always nice to spend time with family!  I think my favorite part was having people to pass the baby off to in the morning!  Yes, our wonderful family let me sleep in every day!  Woot!  We did a lot of walking around and looking at things, had some wonderful meals, took a gondola ride up to Heavenly and a had beautiful (if loud) drive around the lake.  

Punkin' is coming into her "threeness" like a fish to water and has started pushing and hitting her sister for no apparent reason quite often.  My job has gotten a bit difficult over the last few weeks and have been a bit too busy dealing with crying babies and opinionated toddlers to have much time to devote to blogging.  I have to say that if this is three, then its definately more difficult then two, just as my more experienced mom friends had predicted.  Bunny is absolutely in love with her older sister.  Punkin', on the other hand, can't quite decide how she feels about her "sissy" from one minute to the next.  

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