Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally! - Trips, crafts and much, much more!

I can't believe its been over a month since I posted! So much has happened, no way I'll be able to cover it all; but I promise I'll do my very best.

If you will, please follow me on this journey in the "way back" machine!

The Wagon
Nope, no one's fallen of of it yet :). But, it has come in really handy! (Thank you so much Sus!) Since we don't have a double stroller and Punkin' refuses to walk sometimes, we often take it on walks. The girls and I have been getting outside a little more since the weather has improved and we're all grateful to get out of the house and get a little exercise!

"Woa! This is so much fun, huh Sis?"

Labor Day Weekend 2008
Kevin's Aunt Dix was kind enough to invite us on a trip to Tahoe! We stayed with Dix and Gamma Dee at the Timberloge (just this side of Stateline). While it was more challenging to travel with both the girls than Papa and I had anticipated (I didn't sleep at all the first night). We managed to work things out with a lot of help, and it was wonderful to see family and get away for a bit. Punkin' was absolutely fascinated by the Heavenly Gondola which comes right in front of the hotel, and certainly enjoyed seeing Gamma and Dix. Papa and I got to get away for a bit every day! We did some gambling, played video games at the Harvey's arcade and went for a few walks around the area. There are some great shops and the weather and views were just beautiful. Considering it was over 100 degrees here at home, we were glad to get outdoors with the breeze and mild 80 degree weather.

"I did it!"
(incredibly proud of herself for turning on the faucet)

Our little musician!
"I'm a ballerina"

"Thanks for the hat Gamma Dee"

The view from our drive around to the North Shore
Punkin' getting into it

At the first stop on the gondola ride

The view of the lake from the lookout

"This is fun! I love the gondowa!"

Getting her feet wet
A Wedding
Toward the end of September we drove up to Redding to attend Auntie A's wedding. A series of events conspired to make us late. Apparently A thought Papa wasn't coming and this had made her cry (I still feel bad that I contributed to the bride crying on her big day), but all was forgiven when I tore into the parking lot, came to a screeching halt and kicked him out of the car! Apparently, they stopped the ceremony to usher him in and the bride gave him a big hug and kiss before they resumed. The location was nice. The ceremony (what I caught of it) was beautiful. The bride and groom wrote their own vows and I was very touched by what they had to say. It was nice to see A again, and I really enjoyed meeting J (her mother) and the rest of A's family. Punkin' made some fast friends and spent quite a bit of time that night on the dance floor, when she wasn't being Auntie A's shadow. J put together an album for Papa with pictures of his Dad. And eventhough they hadn't had much contact over the last 15 years, we were received very warmly by J and the rest of the family! I know Papa especially was very glad to have witnessed his sister's big day.
We stayed overnight in a nice hotel and in the morning took a trip to visit Papa's Dad at his final resting place. Since we were so close to Fall River I would've loved to drive over and visit with our friends up there, but time would not permit so we headed back home. Maybe soon the girls and I can head up there for a visit. I miss my second family dearly.

Bunny in G'pa Rolf's hat

Punkin' trailing Auntie A

The bride serenading the groom

A toast!

Punkin' wouldn't wear the hat so Special Bear graciously took her place

Bunny Eats!
At the last posting, I had said that Bunny wanted nothing to do with real food. She has since changed her mind. She enjoys eating foods that she can feed herself, but will now take some of the mushy stuff too. I wish I could say that this put an end to the night wakings, but it didn't. Someday, though, I will get to sleep again! I have to have faith :)!

Biscuit face!

"mmmm...sweet potatoes! More please!"
Crafty Momma
Over the last few weeks, I've been sewing like crazy! I found some really cute fabrics and just had to make some baby stuff. I made some cloth baby shoes, bibs, blankets, and some rag dolls. Next I'm going to try and make some clothes for the girls, but first I've got three quilts here just waiting for binding! I'll post pictures when they're done. In the meantime, peeps, keep having those babies...I don't know what I'll do when I run out of excuses to make quilts!

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