Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ramblings and Mindfulness

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a tendency to find the negative.  I've always been that way; and its not just that I see the negative but that I latch on to it.  I obsess about it.  I let it drag me down into this endless pit of hopelessness and despair.  I mean, when everything is wrong, what's the point?  Its a gift, I think, but I've never learned to use it well.  So, in an attempt to counteract that natural tendency, I try to find things I'm grateful for every day.  It's easy to forget to do this when you don't write it down and all you can see is the toys strewn about, dishes and laundry piling up and two little girls screaming at you.  So, here it is....I'm going to write it down, here, in blog-land, for everyone to read.  Probably not every day because, lets face it, right now I don't have time to do anything every day, but I hope to do it often enough to keep my demons at bay.

Things That Make Me Happy Right Now:

  1. Three little words - "Wanna Help Mommy"
  2. The Internet (particularly blogs) - for allowing me the ability to see into the lives and sewing rooms of so many creative and inspiring women.
  3. Apples - for pleasing the palate of my oldest angel (and keeping her quiet for a few moments)
  4. Mother's Support Network - for providing me with a safe place to share, for connecting me with loving and wonderful mother's who encourage me to grow and for Mya who is such an inspiration and who is never afraid to let us learn and be comforted by her "mistakes". 
  5. Fall - for its cool, breezy evenings and its warm afternoons
  6. Baby noses - which crinkle up so cutely when they are happy or confused
  7. Becky and Frank - who have provided me with the opportunity to teach dance for the first time in 6 years.
  8. Herbs and Airborne - for helping me stay well (ish)
  9. Papa - for letting me go to bed before the girls
Good Night!

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mamarolf said...

10. That I can count to ten....No, really, I can!


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