Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The New(ish) accesory

A few weeks ago now I broke my foot.  There's no exciting story, just some backless heels, stairs, a twist and a pop.  Now my 5th metatarsal is in two pieces.  I move a lot slower now than I did just a few weeks ago, but things are going well now that I can walk on it.  My wonderful Mother came over nearly everyday for the first two weeks and took care of me, my house and my girls.  If she hadn't been here I'm sure that I would STILL be cleaning up messes, and I am very grateful to have such wonderful parents!  I'm very annoyed that I have to wear this stupid thing and can't wait to be "unchained" from this boot.  Only 3-4 more weeks left...I'm halfway there!  

To date this is the most expensive shoe I have ever bought...almost $300!  
Things I'm grateful for:
  1. Mom - for taking care of things when I couldn't
  2. The boot - because it's not a cast
  3. Vicodin - for making everything feel ok
  4. Papa - for putting up with my grumpiness
  5. My guardian angels - for keeping this a simple injury (no screws or casts for me)

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