Monday, July 19, 2010

Mindful Mondays: #2

We have a new "pet" in our garden.  He's set up between the tomato plants, and has spun the most beautiful web there!  As I was watching him spin his web, I began thinking...

I do it.  I do that.  Spin a web.  But I, unlike my spider friend, get trapped in my own web.  I spin my web from a self-depricating mindset.  I've done this so well my whole life that sometimes I don't even have to think a thought before I'm trapped in it.  So, over the next week, I vow to think of something positive about myself each time I have one of those thoughts.  Maybe by the end of this week I'll realize I'm not all that horrible a person after all.

Do you trap yourself in your own web?  If so, what do you do (or think you can do) to get yourself out of it?

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