Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Garden

It seems that no matter how improved our yard gets, or how much more we are able to plant than the previous year, I just can't be satiated!  More, more, more... that's my motto when it comes to the summer garden.  I'm already planning for what can be added after summer, but for now here is a preview of the summer garden.  Its been slow to start, but we are finally getting some flowers and fruit!  If you need me, you can find me in the garden... waiting, impatiently, to harvest.

The strawberries found a new home this year in between the flagstone... they love it!

I also planted some wooly thyme in between the flagstone.  
(keep your fingers crossed that it gets established and spreads before the weeds)

The fig tree is out of control with fruit!  
(I see a lot of cookies and bread in my future)

(They've outgrown their support structure, now what to build?)

The girls are just *dying* to eat these.... can't say I'm not.

Snap peas for my honey

Zucchini....just starting to get their first flowers

Artichokes... maybe... someday.  

Mint!  Nothing like a cold mojito on a hot summer day.

When he grows up he wants to be a Japanese Eggplant


I only planted these so I could talk about my huge, tasty melons!
(Honeydew and volunteer canteloupe)

And (of course) MATERS!  

That's pretty much it... no harvests yet, but I'll be sure to let you all know when I am drowning in produce!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Kim Perretta said...

Looks awesome! You made some great and very yummy choices!

mamarolf said...

Thanks Kim! Wish you were closer so I could send you home with a few treats!

Nicole Redman said...

You'd better bring some of those maters to me! I'll give you a pony ride in exchange :-)

Kim Perretta said...

Looks awesome! You made some great and very yummy choices!


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