Monday, August 23, 2010


Today I woke up. I poured my cup of coffee and sat outside for a few moments with Papa. I fed my girls (and the dog) breakfast, and started being Mindful... It is Monday, after all.

 While I was gone, the girls decided that breakfast wasn't good enough. They made their own: sugar and syrup in a bowl and on the counter and the table and floor. I took it away. There were tears.

Punkin' wanted fruit pops, but we didn't have any. I told her we would make some this afternoon. That wasn't good enough. Strawberries were cut in the living room, placed in an ice tray and covered with water. My carpet had a bath.

I printed my list(s) for camping (thanks again Sherrie and Colleen), and we headed outside to gather the camping supplies. They threw a rock. On my foot.

We went inside for lunch (yummy, turkey burgers, apples, and 'tatoes). They washed their hands. Punkin' made a treatment for Bunny's hair - hand soap and water. Bunny had a bath.

Finally, quiet time. They chose a movie, laid down on their mats and watched... for 10 minutes. Punkin' poured mustard in Bunny's hair. A lot. Bunny had a bath.

"Quiet time" was over. We packed a duffel bag with the girls' clothes. We talked about camping. We read a story. They played ponies in the living room. Pony needed a bath. Water and soap. Everywhere. Pony had a bath.

I went outside to take inventory. Punkin' found the chalk. "X" marks the spot. Everywhere. My furniture had a bath.

Buzzer buzzed. Laundry needs to come out of the dryer .  Back to the living room. Girls have put themselves on time out. Both saying "sorry". A lot. Haircuts all around.

"I'm hungry, Mom" Punkin' says. "Ok, let me finish folding this shirt and I'll get you snack." Not soon enough. Bananas, Ketchup, Strawberries, water... counter, table, floor and cupboards. Everything had a bath.

***Deep Breath***

Mommy needs a bath.

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