Friday, September 3, 2010

Camping Trip Success!

For those of you who are following along, I did, in fact, forget the toilet paper, but that was ok because there was a toilet like 20 feet from our site and while the paper provided wasn't any kooshy two-ply, it did what it was meant to do.  No, the real tragedy was that I forgot.... brace for it... the pillows!  ugh.  Sleeping on the ground is ok, I mean, I wouldn't choose to do it all the time but I can bear it.  Sleeping without a pillow?  A whole other ball-game.  But the beauty of our surroundings more than made up for it, and by the end of our trip, I found myself wanting to stay (even without pillows).

Pismo Beach is georgeous!  I fell in love with it immediately.  The beauty of the ocean and the surrounding wooded areas, and the town... oh, the town.  A sweet little beach town just like the kind I remember from my childhood road trips with Mimi.   There really is a uniqueness to California beach towns that is nearly indescribable, but most of those towns are losing their character and it saddens me to see it every time I drive along the coast.  Not Pismo.  No.  Pismo is still quaint and full of character, lively and relaxed. 

We got to the campground late on Thursday after spending a grueling 8 hours in the car with two very fussy, demanding, and loud little girls (thankfully, the return ride was much more pleasant).  We set up camp, went to the store and bought a few groceries.  When we got back to camp, the Camp Chef (aka: Chef Papa) made us some dinner.

camp chef
Camp Chef making Pancake Breakfast
The next morning we had pancakes and headed up the trail to the beach.  It was a little overcast, windy and cold at first but it cleared up around mid-morning and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue for the rest of the day.  We walked up the beach to the pier collecting Treasures along the way and then through town back to the campsite.  

view from trail top
The view from the top of the beach trail from camp.

treasure hunt
And they're off! (going on a treasure hunt)

Just before Bunny took off, she stood at the top of the hill, and said "Its amazing"  This was her first time at the beach, and she was in total awe.

ocean view
Punkin' pausing to take in the ocean

walkin down the beach
Walking up the beach with Daddy.
(Final destination, Pismo Pier in the distance)

footprint trail
We found a play area and stopped to play

zoe pause
Where Bunny paused to take in the view


kimmomto4boys said...

Fantastic photos! So glad you all had fun, even with the inevitable missing items. It took us years to make a master list and keep it near the camping gear! These kinds of memories are priceless and I'm sure the girls will remember this for a very long time! Congratulations campers!

Anonymous said...

You probably won't forget pillows again, but if you do, stuff some clothes in the sleeping bag bag (cover) and voila-a pillow, just like backpacking.

- MoM

mamarolf said...

Mom - that's exactly what we did. Not the same, but it certainly worked in a pinch!

mamarolf said...

Mom - that's exactly what we did. Not the same, but it certainly worked in a pinch!


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