Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yeah. Ok, I see what you're talking about.

Papa (or rather Chef Papa) really stepped in it when he fell for me.  I love familiar tastes.  I like pork chops to taste the way they do in my head... the way they did last time I had them, and the time before and the time before, and the time... well, you get the idea.  Chef Papa has a fancy degree that hangs in the kitchen and says that he can make delicious pork chops 4000 ways and you will love them every time (or else).  I do my best, really I do.  But, I want my pork chops to taste like their "supposed to", and when they don't its a little hard to feign excitement over a dish that anyone with taste buds would rant and rave about.  I accepted this about myself a long time ago.  Chef Papa is still coming to terms with it.

I also like to eat familiar things a specific way.  Which provides Chef Papa with endless amusement.  He comments on it, he memorizes the technique so that he can analyze performances, he tells people about my Kit-Kat eating technique laughingly... I'm pretty sure that I've become the side-show in this house.  All these years I've thought he was over-reacting a bit.  I mean, doesn't everyone eat things a special way?!?  Its the best way to do it.  I swear.

Enter yesterday afternoon.

Yeah, I know, the orange ones deserve to be eaten... would you like them?

I'm sitting there, browsing the interwebs and, well, getting into the girls' halloween candy (what?  there are choking hazards in there!).  And as I sorted the skittles by color, making sure that the orange ones were well apart from the others, it occurred to me... Papa might (just might) be a little bit right.  Just a little bit.

Is it just me? Or do you have a funny way of eating something too?


Jack said...

Beth (my wife) is often upset when I remind her of the proper way to build a sandwich (or particularly a burger.) These are not random ingredients - there is an order that must be observed. Really. On the other hand, although I love to eat what she cooks, I find the details of her 10001+ recipes absurd. If I ate it, I can make it. If you don't have this, use that. Be adventurous. About THIS much. About THAT long. I wonder how the first me can possibly live with the second. (And I stopped questioning how my wife does it long ago. Don't question gravity - just be happy it works.)

(By the way, Amy, I'm really enjoying your blog.)

Amie said...

Thank you, I'm glad to see you here!

And, there totally IS a proper way to build a sandwich. I won't go in to details because I would hate to start trouble. Oh, and bread should be butter all the way to the crust. Have some pride in your work, people! ;)

jess; [tbc] said...

I eat my skittles by dividing them all into colours; then I eat them as follows: yellow, green, orange, purple, and finally red :) So I am odd too!

Amie said...

Awesome! I love knowing that I'm not alone!

Nicole Redman said...

I have no strong feelings about lumps vs. no lumps in my mashed potatoes. I don't even mind the skins; when I make them myself I always leave the skins because I'm too lazy to peel potatoes. BUT I don't want weird flavors in my cheesecake, I don't want anything sweet in my savory foods, and it is absolutely not okay to FRY with OLIVE OIL!


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