Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Tomorrow morning I will wake up and have my cup of coffee.  Somewhere between sips 3 and 4, Punkin’ will wake up and wander out of her room all bleary-eyed.  I’ll say (as I always do) “Good morning Angel!”  and I’ll set her up on the couch: pillow, bear, blanket.  Then I’ll turn on the TV.  Zoe will wander out of our room and join her sister on the couch: pillow, baby, blanket.  They’ll sit and watch TV until they feel that burst of energy that will carry them through the day seemingly without wavering.  I’ll make breakfast while they are both cozy on the couch.  I’ll get a goofy smile on my face as I listen to the sounds of Papa in the shower because it comforts me to hear him in there and I always think that’s silly. 

In short, tomorrow morning will be just like every other morning. 


Tomorrow morning is the 5 year anniversary of the day I became a Mama.  Five years ago tomorrow, I heard her cry for the first time.  I smelled her head, I watched Papa cry tears of joy, I saw my own Mother transformed into a Kamma.  Five years ago tomorrow, I fell in love with a beautiful, crazy, bundle of awesome and started on this wild ride. 


Four and a half years ago tomorrow, my sweet bundle of awesome did her twelve millionth totally amazing thing:  she rolled over.  It was truly remarkable:  you should have seen her form!


babies at window2

Four years ago my baby became a toddler.  That moment I had waited for (with bated breath) finally arrived.  She took her first tentative steps and I was floating. on. air.  Three minutes later (I swear!), she was doing laps around the house, and getting in to everything!  Thirty seconds later, the word “No” was cemented in to my daily vocabulary.

Three years ago tomorrow I got to watch her personality blossom.  Her sense of humor, her wonder and excitement, her incredibly loving heart… each amaze me more every day. 


Two years ago tomorrow the horrible I-Kinda-Want-To-Return-You-To-Sender Threes hit us hard.  She did all the things I was sure she wouldn’t do… she tantrumed and refused to listen.  She wrote on the walls with pens, pencils, sharpies and crayons.  She destroyed furniture, carpets, clothes, cabinets, counters, toys, blankets, and my sanity.  She and I walked through the trenches of toddlerhood together and survived.  (Amazingly)  

disney tongue 

One year ago tomorrow, she became obsessed with Arts and Craps (no that’s not a typo), she potty trained herself and she started becoming this {gulp} KID.  Its cool and scary and wonderful.  Four is a fun age. 

infront garage k

Tomorrow my baby will be FIVE.  Five years old.  Five years old.  (Nope, doesn’t stop looking weird if I type it more)

So, tomorrow morning, after coffee is consumed and girls are settled (pillow, lovey, blanket), I will make my baby {5 years old} a big-girl birthday breakfast (which is apparently dry Cheerios and cheese crackers).   And I will sit at the table and watch her eat it and think to myself  “How on earth have I been so blessed?!”

{My Punkin-Pie Angel Girl was born December 28th, 2005 at 8:01pm.  She weighed 7lbs 6.4oz and was 20 inches long}


Ashes said...

Awww, she looks like such a darling! Congrats on surviving five years -- I can't imagine. :D

Amie said...

It flies by! Enjoy those extra night-time snuggles while you can... it really does go faster than you can imagine, and you really will miss it.

Susan said...

Oh, how neat! What a beautiful daugther you have. Keep enjoying all those milestones.

Happy New Year!

Sheri said...

Amazing how fast they grow isn't it?!

Pgilpatric77 said...

She is pretty darn great. Happy birthday Big Siss!!!

Amie said...

Everyone says it, but words just can't convey the whirlwhind of it all!

Amie said...

Thank you! We think she's pretty fabulous! (plus, I'm counting on her talent to get me through my retirement ... So, don't worry, I'll keep on noticing those milestones! ;)) Happy New Year, I hope 2011 is full of wonderful things for you and yours!

Amie said...

She really is :)

Jamie said...

Very well put! She is adorable and you are truly blessed my friend to have such a wonderful daughter and family!

jill said...

Ha! I love it! Our son turned 5 last weekend and our other son 4 on Sunday. HOW on earth did that much time go by? Your daughter is so cute! enjoy celebrating her birth together!

Happy New Year!

Amie said...

We are having a pretty wonderful day so far! Thank you; wishing you a wonderful new year as well.

Amie said...

We, my friend, are both blessed!

Jeff Redman said...

Nice, darling. Very nice.

Jamie said...


purple_avenger said...

Can't believe my baby is 5! Time goes by so quickly.


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