Friday, December 31, 2010

Year-end Review in Photos and Posts

To say that this year was difficult for me (us) would be a gross understatement.  There have been problems with the mortgage company (thanks a lot California property values), Papa and I have struggled through problems in our relationship (the mortgage company may, in hindsight, have had a lot to do with this), I started taking 12+ units per semester, the list goes on. So the girls and Papa and I have spent a good part of this year adjusting and struggling to get through it.

2010 has been a year of struggle, friendship, mindfulness and growth.  It has taken a lot of hard work to get to this place, here, at the end of the year, where I can reflect on the year and say: "We made it through, and we're better for it."

I have a lot of hope for what 2011 will bring to us.  I hope for many Small Things to cherish.  I hope for peace, love and simplicity.  I hope for a house filled with joy and laughter, and I hope our friendships will continue to blossom.

There are a few people who deserve special mention.  These people were beacons in the dark, and without them, I'm certain that I would not be sitting here thankful (in part) for the experiences I've had.

Cherry Mash took me under her wing and taught me how to laugh, and how to suck it up with style and grace.

Uncle Sharles grew on my heart like a tumor... he appeared in my home one Saturday and just. kept. coming back.  I love him deeply and am eternally grateful for what he has done for my girls, Papa and me over the last year.

My parents supported me with exceptional tenderness and stamina when I most needed it, and continue to support my family in wonderful ways not the least of which is taking our girls in to their home once a week and spending valuable time with them.

And over the last year Papa has loved me when it was hardest, worked his butt off to make our home a better place to live, and shown me that, sometimes, people do change.

Our year in Photos and Posts:


open presents with kampa 2010
{Opening Birthday presents with Kampa}

arrr matey
{Livingroom Pirate Ship ala diningroom chairs and newspaper hats}

{Licking the beater is the best part of baking cookies}

easter hunt
{Hunting for eggs at "Ms. Michelle's School}

{Dining table giggles for no apparent reason}

{First blossoms of the summer - Bell Pepper plant}

smell the roses
{A Sunny Day Stroll - stopping to smell the roses}

{Treasure bags for collecting beach-side goodies}

z sept
{Bunny Boo after swimming at the Boynado's 3rd(!) Birthday}

sos oct
{The Set up for S.O.S}

z fairytale train2
{Conducting the train at Fairytale Town}
November was a big month for Mindful Mondays...

{Christmas meets the fireplace}

I started this blog in March of 2008 as a way to share our life, our photos and our experiences with family and friends who we don't see often.  In April of 2009, I disappeared from here and it took me a full year and three months to find my way back.  I've very glad I have.  Thank you for following us along our journey.

(a special thanks to Scary Mommy for the idea.  For more links to year-end reviews, visit her site and click on the links at the bottom of the post)



Jamie said...

Very well put (again)! I really enjoy reading and catching up through your posts!!

Amie said...

Thanks! Its nice to see you here! :D Happy New Year!


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