Monday, January 3, 2011

MM #12: Social Networking

I love the interwebs!  I love Twitter, I love Facebook, I love blogs.  I love (virtually) meeting new people, I love having access to so many awesome people and their awesome thoughts.  You may say, I'm a fan.

But is Social Networking the same as socializing?  

Sure, it fills a void that some of us feel; but only a little bit.  And as we are busy half-filling our Yearning for Connection Glasses, what are the opportunity costs?

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Jeff Redman said...

What it costs us is the time we spend inside our own heads, oblivious to what is going around us, attempting to "connect" with people and things far away. When this behavior is intentional and relatively brief it can be useful and healthy, but if it is compulsive it is a waste of time. And time is what our lives are made of.


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