Monday, January 10, 2011

MM #13: Yeah, I got nothing

Oh. Em. GEE!  Its Monday again already?!?  I just can't believe how quickly time is passing.  I had forgotten.  I had forgotten that being a SAHM is a job that never ends.  I had forgotten how much time laundry, food prep, child care, cleaning and errands can eat up.  I had forgotten the part where you work from before sunrise to well after sunset without breaks, or thanks, or even a moment of peace.

I had forgotten how wild and crazy and mostly wonderful this ride is!  My Punkin-Pie-Baby-Girl has turned 5!  And something about 5 seems SO MUCH OLDER than 4.  (I have no idea why).  My Bunny-Boo is turning 3 this week.  THREE years since my baby was born, and I'm starting to feel like one of those Mom's;  you know, the ones without infants in her arms, or toddlers hanging from her legs.  I'm starting to feel, like, well, ME again.  Its weird.  Mostly because the last time I really remember seeing ME, I was younger and thinner and much more clever.  But, here I am, recognizable.

Its wonderful.  And scary.  To remember Who I Am.  To realize how lost I was.  I know there are Moms out there who manage to keep themselves intact even after they have kids - even with infants.  I admire them.  I have been known to analyze them in an effort to figure out just what it is they do.  But, I've found nothing - no secrets to Hanging On To Yourself Whilst A Baby is Hanging On You.

There are no words of wisdom, or questions for reflection today.  Just some ramblings.  You see, usually, by the time you-all see these words here, I've been working on them for a bit.  But, this week, nothing I had prepared, nothing I had thought of; nothing seemed to reflect where I am right now.  And so, I'm left with only this to say:

Hello World, its me - Amie!

balloons away

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