Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday, I dropped the girls off at the local KidsPark so that I could peruse my favorite store in peace.  I love Habitat's ReStore.  Its super awesome!  They have funky, fun, different stuff.  Most can be salvaged easily by a little T.L.C. and I get to feel like I'm doing something good when I spend Papa's hard-earned cash on something that would otherwise be called "junk."

I went in search of a light fixture.  Something to replace the awesome ceiling fan we had in the master bedroom since it decided to crap-out on me.  We don't have an extra couple hundred bucks to plop down on a pretty new light fixture.  While I was searching the store for hidden treasure, I came across this awesomeness.


Aren't they pretty?!?  And there are two of them.  And they are the most precious shade of blue.  I l.o.v.e. these lockers! But at $200 each, they are a bit out of my price-range.  So, I continued my search for a light and I found this beauty.

humble beginings

Ok, yeah, I know, its not really beautiful.  But look at all that potential!  No, seriously.  Ok, well, I'm not a big fan of the 90s tract home brass either (in fact I removed it all from this home just 7 years ago).  But, bear with me, it'll be awesome, I swear!  All it needs is a little of my favorite thing - spray paint.

I started by cleaning it really well.  Then I lightly sanded the whole thing with some fine-grit sandpaper.  Next, I crumpled up little pieces of paper and shoved them (gently) in to the light-screwy parts.  Finally, I grabbed a can of Rust-oleum's American Accents Aqua in Smooth Satin Finish {because it matches my gorgeous quilt (made with love by Leesy-Lou) featuring some beautiful Amy Butler fabric.}

I tested the spray on a different surface (the drop cloth would work) to make sure it was spraying well, and started in an inconspicuous area of the lamp to see how it held (the top of the chandelier, where the chord comes out and goes to the ceiling).  I liked what I saw so I did the arms and small areas using short bursts and making sure to coat it lightly and evenly.  For the larger portions (like the big ball on the bottom) I used longer bursts and even movements to ensure the same.

half painted
About half-way through the first coat
I let the first coat dry and then hit it with a second coat using the same techniques; hanging it up to get the very bottom of the ball-y part (yes that's a technical term) smooth and even.  Then let it dry for a few hours before bringing it in the house and commanding the tall, manly person to install it.

aqua chandy

Here's what it looked like before installation.  Just chilling outside getting its "dry" on.

The best part?  All things told, this cost me exactly $21 and only took about an hour (plus installation time)!

{You'll have to wait for future posts to see it in all its glory because this beauty has inspired a little bedroom makeover - so stay tuned!}


2bkate said...

Swoon! Can't wait to see it in the space

Ashes said...

Oooh, that is pretty! I always worry about spray-painting, because sometimes it gets that funny texture? But this looks smooth and lovely. <3

Amie said...

That funny texture is usually caused by 1) a lack of priming - some surfaces NEED to be primed (but precious few in this lazy girl's experience) 2) a spray issue - why you should always, always test the spray before you start spraying your stuff 3) spraying too close - you should be at least 6-8 inches away, 4) spraying too heavy - things get funky if you try to do it all in one coat, keep the coats super thin and that shouldn't happen.

If you still get a funky texture. Let it dry over night, sand it with a really fine paper or block, then wipe with a damp cloth. Make sure its dry before you re-coat.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

PS: there are some funky parts on that lamp... but its hanging from the ceiling... I'm the only one who will ever know. You won't tell, will you? ;)

Amie said...

Me either! Or, rather, I can't wait until the space is finished. I'm tempted to kick Papa out to the couch, rent a paint sprayer and spend the night listening to it whur.

Kristin said...

That is just awesome. It never occurs to me to spray paint I'm going to have to find something - anything! - to prettify.

Just found your blog while searching for Monday memes, and I love it - I'll be back to visit! :)

You're welcome to visit me too -

Amie said...

Thanks for visiting! Spray paint is awesome! Hope you find something old to fall in love with!


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