Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pismo Wrap-Up

Our last day there, we went for a ride up the coast then stopped on the way back to camp at the tide pools;  even  though high-tide was well on its way.

tide pool top

Low-tide was waaaaayyyy too early while we were there for our family to really explore the tide pools, but we walked around a bit and watched the waves crashing against the rocks.  There were tons of birds!  All camped out on the rocks like one big happy bird family.

bird rock

Except for this guy... this guy was meditating in the sunshine all by himself on the rock.  I walked right up to him to take this photo.  He was totally zen... didn't even flinch!

lonely bird

And then.... I dropped the lens cap.  Its been threatening to leave us for awhile and I thought about getting a leash for it, but I guess it saw the opportunity for a peaceful beach-side life and just had to leap.  I really hope that lens cap is enjoying the beach life... I'm a little jealous.  Seriously.


We explored the town a bit.  Had some chowder at Splash - I HIGHLY recommend it.  And did a little tourist shopping.  I'll tell you a secret, I'm one of those goobers that hates to leave a vacation without a "I heart This Place I Just Visited" t-shirt.

At dinner time, we headed back to the campsite and Chef Papa made us some dinner.  Then, we went to a camp family thingy where we learned about butterflies and bugs and sang cheesy camp songs.  It was awesome!  We headed back to camp and put the girls to bed.  Then Papa made the biggest (and bestest) fire yet and He and I sat around and talked about everything and nothing until my eyes wouldn't stay open any longer.

last fire

All in all, I would call this trip a vacation success!  I'm thinking it may even become a family tradition...  I'm just dying to go and see the butterflies in the Fall some time!

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